3 Ways the iPhone Connects Technology and Society

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs took the stage and announced a world changing product.  It was small enough to fit in your hand, yet powerful enough to connect you to the world.  On January 9, 2007, the iPhone was brought to the world.  Ten years ago, this product and announcement were unquestionably a technological breakthrough.  What was one of the many advantages of this technology?  The ability to connect.

Here is a list of three ways that the iPhone connects technology and society:

  1. Consumers– As consumers, we acquired the ability to search for product information at the push of a few virtual buttons. The iPhone gave way to a 24/7 internet.  While sitting in front of the television or driving in a car, we gained instant access to any and all product information provided by businesses and organizations.  If we want to read product reviews while waiting in line at the grocery store, we can.  If we want to watch product demo videos waiting for the kids to get out of school, we can.  The best part is, as of ten years ago, we can do that at any time and from anywhere.
  2. Businesses and Organizations– Businesses on every level have had to change the way they operate since the advent of the iPhone. Consumers, investors and employees now have an all-access pass into how businesses are run.  While this might seem like a disservice at times, there are plenty of reasons why this technology has helped businesses thrive.  For example: streamlining communication to the public; creating content in different places and, more often than not, for less money; instant customer service opportunities; the chance to sell products online.  The list could go on and on.  The iPhone, and other subsequent smartphones, have led the charge for businesses and organizations to change their strategies and tactics that face the public.
  3. People– Now more than ever, technology is the leader in connecting people. This is not just referring to social media.  Ten years ago, the iPhone created opportunities for people to connect on many different subjects.  If you are into salsa dancing, for example, you can now find out who else in your life is into that.  Maybe it’s a co-worker or a neighbor.  If you’re interested in throwing the perfect dinner party for your friends, you can use this handheld technology to learn those secrets on the go.  Let’s pretend your plan falls through on a date. You can use the technology, that started with the iPhone, to create and even better date than you had originally planned.  There is one small problem that comes with this technology.  Dependence.  This problem is well documented and is having a serious impact on our society.  If used for good, this technology can drastically improve human to human connections.


Leonardo da Vinci’s Connection



Leonardo da Vinci was fascinated by many things.  Advances in technology was a top that list.  Many of his inventions were seen as daring and bold.  Why?  He always pushed the boundaries of the current status quo.  Just like Steve Jobs, da Vinci knew that if his imagined technology could come to fruition, it could change the world.  Leonardo da Vinci imagined flying through the skies or riding on a self-propelled cart.  Both inventions would have changed the world and connect people on a deeper level.  Steve Jobs imagined a world where technology would connect people and improve businesses.  His invention, the iPhone and other subsequent technologies, did just that.





Leonardo da Vinci said:



Steve Jobs said:



Ten years ago today, the world was changed.  Through one small handheld device, connecting people, consumers and businesses became a reality with tremendous force and impact.  Let me leave you with one question; what, in your life today, connects you with people?  On that list will undoubtedly be your smartphone technology.


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