2017 Is the Year to Start Seeing Things Differently

Are you like me?  Does this time of year excite your willingness to try new things, chase goals and set resolutions?  If you are like me, I am here to issue a challenge to you all.  Let 2017 be the year to start seeing things differently.

Working at The Leonardo Museum has opened my eyes to all things scientific, technological and artistic.  After all, that is who we are as a museum, a beautiful mashup of art, science and tech.  Before working here, noticing how art, science and tech help to enrich my life never seriously crossed my mind.  Yes, I liked beautiful paintings.  Yes, I also love listening to music on my iPod.  But I never took the time to see how these things help me connect to strangers, co-workers, friends and family.

I have made it my resolution to make this year, 2017, the year I start to see things differently and appreciate things that aren’t so clear to me at first glance.  Recently, I came across an amazing video that illustrates my point perfectly.  There are types of artists known as speed painters.  They are incredibly fast.  But what makes them unique is how they create their works of art from a totally different perspective.  They paint upside down.

At first, you the viewer, are left wondering and questioning what this crazy speed painter is doing.  You watch them work their magic, dipping their brushes in the paint with speed and accuracy.  You watch them slap the canvas with power and precision.  And when it’s all said and done, the artist flips over their painting to reveal their work of art.  You, the viewer, are left wondering how you didn’t see it from the start.  You feel slightly foolish for not seeing the painting for what it really was.  But that is the point.  The point is to step back and see things differently.  Watch this incredible speed painter and remember to try and see things differently



Accepting the challenge of seeing things differently can be difficult.  It can be time consuming and frustrating at times.  It takes commitment and dedication.  This is no different than any goal or resolution you may have set for this new year.  Simply finding small and creative ways to see things differently will help you appreciate the moments in your life.  Whether it’s a painting, a culture or a difficult situation, taking the time to see things differently will help enhance your life.

Let’s be a little nicer this year.  Try to be a little more understanding.  Can you make 2017 the year you start to see things differently?

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