Art Installations

Hylozoic Veil

Start your experience at The Leonardo with a living, breathing, and responsive sculpture created by Phillip Beesley.

British Call Box

With generous support from the Utah Arts Council, 20 outstanding local artists (photographers, dancers, musicians, painters, architects, printmakers, and filmmakers) created pieces to represent their fields in 7 x 15 inch window panels of the British Call Box.

Douglas Snow, Untitled

This original painting was commissioned in the 60s for the Salt Lake Public Library. It remains on display in the O.C. Tanner Atrium at The Leonardo.

Jo Roper, Frieze

Commissioned as part of the original architecture of the old Salt Lake City Library, this frieze adorns the south wall of our museum.

People’s Piano Project

This piano is on display in our retail store and has free public access.