The Leonardo offers a wide range of education programs abroad and at our museum in downtown Salt Lake City. Based in STEM and arts pedagogy, we’ve created a variety of hands-on activities and unique learning experiences. Every year, The Leonardo welcomes thousands of students on field trips, which it offers for free to public schools. Each year, we also host a Home school Day and an all day summer camps for children throughout Utah. We also do outreach program, like Leo-on-Wheels, a free program for schools in Utah and Idaho that brings the museum experience to your school.

Field Trips

Expose your students to a museum that incubates and encourages dynamic thinking and problem solving. Workshops provide students with an elevated field trip experience.

The Leonardo on Wheels

Bring a piece of The Leonardo museum experience to you by signing up for a visit from The Leonardo on Wheels. Visits last one week and focus on 7th and 8th grade students.

Homeschool Education Day

The Leonardo offers free admission to homeschool students and their caretakers two days a year.

Educator Resources

Check out our resources for educators and get the most out of your visit to The Leonardo.