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Innovation Showcase

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Innovation Showcase Overview

The Leonardo is a cultural center that celebrates innovative ideas, products and people in Utah and abroad. Our Innovation Showcase is a collection of exhibits that does just that. Visitors can learn about products invented in Utah (like the Frisbee!) and their unlikely origin stories, while exploring interactives that share the ideas and stories of innovative business women.

Innovation Showcase Highlights

Made in Utah

This showcase celebrates the history of ingenuity this state has to offer. Innovation that has long impacted our lives like the television or the artificial heart share their beginnings here. View this collection of science, technology and engineering invention and check out the stories of creativity that sparked their development.

Women Innovators

This exhibit showcases the women who are leading the progress of technology innovation in Utah. The Leonardo partnered with the Women Tech Council to highlight those who are creating change in the industry of tech. The exhibit features a touch screen interactive where you will be introduced to those leaders in our community and a display of their innovations.

Innovation Timeline

Human history is full of innovation, big and small achievements from the sewing needle in 4000 B.C. to the personal computer circa the 1970s. Take in the big picture at our Innovation Timeline and consider the evolution of humanity’s most profound moments of progress.

The Leonardo da Vinci Connection

Innovation isn’t always in the form of original invention; it best emerges simply as efficiency and accessibility. Leonardo da Vinci did not invent the bridge, better yet he designed a self-supporting bridge that was affordable and easily transported. Soldiers were more mobile with this solution to crossing water and his design did not require any expertise or special fasteners. Leonardo da Vinci was an avid innovator and he looked to work with nature instead of against it in all of his designs.

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