KSL – New Interactive Pompeii Exhibit Coming to Salt Lake City

24 September 2019: KSL – “New Interactive Pompeii Exhibit Coming to Salt Lake City
SALT LAKE CITY — A new time-stopping interactive exhibition about the historical and famous city of Pompeii left frozen under the ashes of the unexpected eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. is set to hit The Leonardo this Nov. 23.

Pompeii: The Exhibition” will have over 150 artifacts on loan from the Naples National Archaeological Museum and will recreate the town’s market, theater, baths and temple. The illustrious moldings of the victims who were buried under the ash and lava of Mount Vesuvius’ eruption will also be on display.

Visitors will be able to experience the feel of the ancient eruption that fateful day with an interactive 4D theater set to mimic the sights, sounds and tremors of what overtook the citizens of Pompeii.

“The whole design is set up to give people a sense of what life was like, and not just a display of artifacts that is dry and academic, if you will. It allows people to really walk down the streets and the markets as if they were in Pompeii over 2,000 years ago, see what the houses were like and what life was really like in that day and age,” said Alexandra Hesse, executive director for The Leonardo.

This exhibition is set to be one of the “most historically significant and immersive exhibitions The Leonardo Museum has ever hosted,” according to a news release.

New artifacts, such as a gladiator helmet, a bronze statue of Apollo, and fresco paintings on their first exhibition tour within the United States will also be on display for the first time.

“Combining the exhibition with a robust calendar of programming with local experts will give our community a unique cross-disciplinary look at one of the most fascinating ancient civilizations,” Hesse said.

The exhibition will stay at The Leonardo until May 3, 2020.

Tickets are $24.99 for adults, $21.99 for seniors, and $19.99 for children ages 3 to 15. They are available for purchase online at theleonardo.org/pompeii or by visiting The Leonardo box office.