209 E 500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Through The Looking Glass

This exhibit is no longer on display.

Through The Looking Glass Overview

The Leonardo has partnered with local curator Alexandra Karl PhD to collaborate on a show of Utah artists that all work within the theme of distortion and obscured perspectives. The artwork prompts viewers awareness of the lenses used to see an image, whether it is natural, such as looking under water or through many points of perspective that warp a subject. You can visit this unique gallery in the Perception Exhibit beginning June 1st, 2019.

Featured Artists

  • Jamie Wayman
  • Connie Borup
  • Edwin Firmage
  • John Erickson
  • Jean Arnold
  • Brad Slaugh
  • Kristina Lenzi
  • Alex Caldiero
  • David Chapman-Lindsay
  • Cara Despain

Exhibit Highlights

Local Artists

The fusion of the science of perception and the arts come together in this unique collection of works! The Utah artists featured in this gallery showcase their talent for illustrating their views of the world through many different lenses.

Curatorial Statement by Alexandra Karl PhD

Lenses and mirrors have played a dual role throughout human history, serving scientific and artistic goals… Today, distortive lenses and mirrors continue to facilitate the imagination and help artists think creatively about the world.

Studio Activities

This gallery also features a large installation in Leonardo’s Studio. In this make space visitors are invited to create art by referencing their own observations through a variety of lenses. All ages activities are located on table tops. For a limited time, facilitated activities related to Through The Looking Glass will be part of our summer Make and Take program.