The sudden disaster that destroyed the city also preserved a unique record of daily life at the height of the Roman Empire. Artifacts on loan from the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy take visitors through a unique Roman villa and onto the winding streets of Pompeii, exploring the forum, theater and marketplace along the way.

Pompeii Highlights

Ancient Artifacts

View over 150 authentic nearly 2,000-year-old artifacts preserved in ash on loan from the renowned Naples National Archaeology Museum in Italy. Artifacts include mosaics and frescoes, gladiator helmets, armor, and weapons, a ship’s anchor, lamps, jugs, cups, plates, pots and pans and other household objects and furniture, jewelry, medical instruments, and tools.

Life in Pompeii

Observe multi-media recreations of a market, a temple, a theater and baths that reveal how the people of Pompeii lived, worked, worshiped and found entertainment. The exhibition features casts of Mount Vesuvius’ victims which reveal the tragic human devastation of the sudden disaster that destroyed Pompeii.

Volcanic Destruction

Experience the infamous volcano, Mount Vesuvius. The Eruption Theater recreates the catastrophic power of Mount Vesuvius with an immersive experience of vivid sights and sounds.


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