People’s Piano Project

People’s Piano Project Overview

The Leonardo is now home to an interactive art installation, a beautiful baby grand piano painted with iconic Utah landscapes. The People’s Piano Project is a partnership between Deseret Industries and the Mundi Project. The partnership has placed colorful pianos throughout Salt Lake City to engage the community through music. Be sure to stop in our Salt Bistro to play a tune and grab a cup of coffee.

The Leonardo da Vinci Connection

For much of his life, Leonardo da Vinci attempted to understand how things flew through the air. He studied birds early and often during his lifetime, trying to figure out what kept these creatures in the air. The story goes that Leonardo was studying the air and trying to ascertain exactly how the air flowed over the wings of the birds. To do this, he actually put wings into the water and watched how the current moved over the water, thus leading him to understand air current. He used this knowledge to build his own flying machine that, while it never actually flew, served as a first step into the discovery of manned flight.

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