Behind The Scenes of FLIGHT

I was recently granted a behind the scenes tour of the warehouse in Salt Lake City where our C-131 aircraft for FLIGHT, our upcoming exhibit, is being stored.  It was amazing to hear the back stories and history of this plane from the exhibit designers.  Standing next to the plane, I got a real sense of the extraordinary effort it takes to construct a vessel of this size.

Here is a little bit of what I learned on the tour.  Our C-131 is the successor to the DC-3 and was used in post-WWII military operations. The plane was commissioned in the 1950s and was officially retired in 1990.  Originally it served as a military transport plane, primarily used in USAF, US Navy and Paraguayan AF.  Currently, the plane being restored to its full glory for you and your family to explore.

It was this behind scenes tour that inspired one of our most popular levels of donation in our FLIGHT crowdsourcing campaign.  We want the entire state of Utah to participate in and own this exhibit.  The Leonardo has created a Generosity page and is asking for donations from the public. The are many different levels of donation starting at just $5.


Flight Donation Level Spotlight: Behind The Scenes $300

At this level, you’ll be able to take a behind the scenes tour with the exhibit designers and museum curators before the exhibit opens. You’ll have two opportunities to see the exhibit. First, you’ll have time with the designers and masterminds behind the exhibit at our warehouse where you can see sketches, prototypes and even the plane in pieces before it’s all assembled. Then, a few weeks later, you’ll get the complete tour of the exhibit with the curators and designers just before the exhibit opens. You’ll also be treated to a delightful meal, which you will enjoy inside the plane, prepared by our award-winning chef.


If taking an exclusive behind the scenes tour of FLIGHT sounds as fascinating to you as it was to me, this level of donation is perfect.  If you are interested in donating, or finding out more information about The Leonardo’s crowdfunding campaign for FLIGHT, please visit https://igg.me/at/XrKlh0Guues

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