I’m Spooked by Science

You walk through the museum, to the right you see electricity jolting off the Tesla Coil. You continue down the hall to a green screen and make your head float in the forest with ghosts and goblins. Evil laughter emanates from somewhere upstairs. With curiosity, you follow the sound to find others discovering their inner mad scientist. Some conducting science experiments, others creating illusions, just going mad—in a manner of speaking. Everyone is having a blast and you can’t help but want to join the fun!

This year, The Leonardo is expanding Spooky Science museum-wide to encourage people of all ages to find their inner mad scientist. “Since starting Spooky Science in 2013, we wanted to explore science in a whole new way and have fun while doing it,” says Meggie Troili, Exhibits Manager. “We’ve seen so many happy faces leave with excitement and curiosity—we wanted to give you more! This year you can expect spookiness behind math, engineering, art, illusions and culture.”  So, in a way, it’s educational—but we won’t tell.

In addition, you’ll see a totally new exhibit Perception: The Illusion of Reality. See how your mind constructs reality through the senses of touch, sight and hearing. Feel as though you just received a haircut, go cross eyed with illusions and hear your words become unrecognizable sounds. Wait! What? I guess it’s something you’ll have to try. You will leave with a new appreciation for that wonderful, mysterious organ, the human brain.

Spooky Science is a surefire way to ask questions, get your hands busy and have fun. Just another great tool to help you find your inner genius—just like Leonardo da Vinci did.

In the spirit of the season, The Leonardo has created exciting events that are specific for families, dates and learning.


Families can come together for the Spooktacular Family Carnival.

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Couples can have a once in a lifetime experience as they Dine in the Dark. 

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Or learn about the Science of Fear with an panel of local fear experts and moderator Jennifer Napier-Pearce from the Salt Lake Tribune.

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Spooky Science Square

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