Transition to Spark

The Leonardo’s Spark! Exhibit will host a new seasonal installation beginning September 4th. As the 2014/15 PTA Reflections Show closes we will be adding new hands on experiences and four 16ft X 9 ft mural projects created in the Leo by local and national artists.

Here is a chance for you to create your own works of Spark. With each masterpiece you craft you can take it home, to school or display it within Spark so others can admire. You will be using some of the same materials that our artists used. Chuck Landvatter’s Wizard’s Cats are drawn with charcoal; Frank Buffalo Hyde works with water based white paint; Courtney Leonard uses clay; street artist, Casey Blandford, will be celebrating images for ‘Dia de Muertos’ in chalk.

From Leonardo da Vinci to contemporary ‘makers,’ use Spark! to draw everything from whales to butterflies.

Written by Jann Haworth