$30 Donation Level Spotlight For FLIGHT

If you have been to The Leonardo in the past five years, it has probably been to see the traveling exhibits that we have hosted.  We’ve brought you Body Worlds, Mummies of the World, The Dead Sea Scrolls and others. Our upcoming exhibit entitled FLIGHT is as big, if not bigger, than all of those exhibits and we are building it from scratch.

We want the entire state of Utah to participate in and own this exhibit.  We want you and your entire family to come explore the joy and wonder of FLIGHT together.  The Leonardo has created a Generosity page and is asking for donations from the public. The are many different levels of donation starting at just $5.


FLIGHT Donation Level Spotlight: $30

In this post we are highlighting the benefits and perks of the $30 donation level.  After launching our crowdsourcing campaign, we have noticed that this level of donation is by far the most popular.  Here’s what you receive when you donate on this level:



Taking to the skies has been a fascination of people from all times and walks of life.  Leonardo da Vinci himself spent years observing, studying, researching and dreaming of making flight possible for human kind.We are extremely excited to bring FLIGHT to the public.  Why? Because the horizon line for flight is still unknown and we are hoping to ignite the passion of the next generation of exploration and discovery.

If you are interested in donating, or finding out more information about The Leonardo’s crowdfunding campaign for FLIGHT, please visit https://igg.me/at/XrKlh0Guues

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