Mile High FLIGHT Donation Level

Permission!  This is not a word that you normally think of when it comes to museums, specifically museum exhibits.  At our core, The Leonardo is a museum.  Most people think of museums as places to go and admire stuff (your “do-not-touch” kind of establishments.)  But, we are a different kind of museum.

At The Leonardo, we use the word permission quite a bit.  At our museum, you have permission to touch all the exhibits. You have permission to take stuff apart. You have permission to build whatever crazy thing comes into your head. You have permission to think about and explore the impossible.  That idea of permission is really what led us to create Flight.  Inside our FLIGHT exhibit, visitors will be encouraged to sit in the pilot seat, tinker with buttons, play with levers, poke around inside the fuselage, climb on the wings and take part in hyper-realistic flight simulations and a host of other things you generally need permission to do.

Before we open this exhibit, we have organized a Generosity page and are asking for donations from the public.  There are different levels of donation, each offering exclusive rewards and benefits.  The reason behind creating this crowdsourcing campaign is simple.  We want our local community to feel like FLIGHT is just as much theirs as it is ours.


FLIGHT Donation Level Spotlight: Mile High $100

Before any of our major events or exhibit openings, what’s the one thing that is necessary?  Answer, an exclusive VIP party.  The night before the exhibit opens, August 5, 2016, we’ll be throwing a huge shindig to celebrate! There will be food, wine, drinks, treats, live music, cool activities, a film screening and a mind-opening lecture. You’ll be able to paint, build and have a great time. It’s only open to a limited number of people so make sure you get your donation on this level today.


If you are interested in donating, or finding out more information about The Leonardo’s crowdfunding campaign for FLIGHT, please visit

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