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FLIGHT Exhibit $150 Donation Level

In August 2016, The Leonardo will be opening our first completely original blockbuster exhibit entitled FLIGHT.  This exhibit marks the first time that we have built an exhibit of this scale completely rom scratch.

The exhibit is a completely immersive experience into the world and ecosystem of flight. At the heart of the exhibit will be a fully restored C-131 aircraft. It will hang from the ceiling of the museum clearing the walls on either side of the exhibit hall by a mere six inches.

Commissioned in the 1950’s, this aircraft has flown missions, transported high ranking officers in the military and was left abandoned in the Arizona desert.  The Leonardo decided to purchase the plane making it the centerpiece of this exhibit.  As a result, visitors will be encouraged to sit in the pilot seat, tinker with buttons, poke around inside the fuselage, climb on the wings and take part in hyper-realistic flight simulations.

Being a part of the community ourselves, we want everyone else to feel like they own a portion FLIGHT.  Our Director of Development, Kathryn Smith, has been quoted as saying, “We are excited about having the public play such an important role in the creation of FLIGHT.  It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to help develop an exhibit in your local museum.”

For this reason, The Leonardo has created a Generosity page and is asking for donations from the public.  There are multiple levels of donation starting as low as $5.  Each level offers different rewards and exclusive benefits for donors.


Leonardo Donation Level Spotlight: $150 Up in the Air

As mentioned above, central to the exhibit will be a fully restored C-131 aircraft.  For your donation of $150, you will have the chance to make yourself a permanent part of the exhibit.  What does this mean?  Donating on this level means that you’re purchasing a piece of the C-131 and your name will be placed prominently on the plane.  It will be a permanent reminder telling everyone that you believe in the power of Flight.  There are only 150 available spots for this donation level.  Reserve your tickets today!


If you are interested in donating, or finding out more information about The Leonardo’s crowdfunding campaign for FLIGHT, please visit https://igg.me/at/XrKlh0Guues

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