Ready For Takeoff At The Leonardo

Ready for takeoff?  It wasn’t that long ago that this saying was non-existent.  For generations before our time, the idea of human flight seemed impossible.  Would we ever share the skies and fly side by side with birds?  Will man ever be able to break the sound barrier in midflight?  Will we ever put a man on the moon?  These questions, which started out small in nature, have now matured into real expectations as the boundaries of flight continue to be pushed.

Our newest exhibit entitled FLIGHT, opening later this summer, began to take shape two years ago.  We wanted to create the kind of exhibit that will inspire today’s generation to take flight further into discovery.

The exhibit has had its fits and starts—much like any project that ever tries to get off the ground.  For this reason, we have created a Generosity page and is asking for donations from the public. The are many different levels of donation starting at just $5


Donation Level Spotlight: $50 Ready For Takeoff

Its not everyday that a $50 donation will have so many benefits and perks attached to it.  Here’s what you’ll receive for donating on this level:


  • Entrance to our invitation only event on August 5, 2016 at 1pm
  • Four (4) FREE tickets to the PRE-OPENING of Flight (invitation only event)
  • Access to see the exhibit before it opens to the general public
  • Tickets to our exclusive paper airplane party (Flying airplanes off the top of library square)
  • Participate in watching a real live skywriter


With a $50 donation you and three others will be treated to a forgettable day.  We want the entire state of Utah to participate in and own this exhibit.  We want you and your entire family to come explore the joy and wonder of FLIGHT together.

If you are interested in donating, or finding out more information about The Leonardo’s crowdfunding campaign for FLIGHT, please visit

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