The Making of Spark: Ignite Creativity

One day, a few months back, someone asked, “Do you remember the Reflections Art contest?” That single spoken thought set off a SPARK in us! The Next thing you know, we were on the phone with the Utah PTA asking what they thought of an exhibit that included Reflections Artwork. The next, next thing you know we opened SPARK, Ignite Creativity, an exhibition that asks the question “what will you make possible?”

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The first step was to restore our 1st floor exhibition gallery to its original glory. After so many traveling exhibitions have come and gone, our gallery needed a makeover. We uncovered rows of windows letting in natural light, removed walls and added a fresh coat of paint. We found some interesting items during this process. All of which we had to take a picture of J We are so happy to have our gallery space back! We missed it!


Filling Up With Creativity

Once the space was prepped and painted, it was time for the exhibits team to fill it with creativity. We got busy creating an interactive music room, a collaborative frame wall, a weaving wall, a recycled art area, a video screening room, and interactive exhibit where you get to choreograph a murmmeration of birds. One of the biggest tasks during install was hanging and video editing the over 700 works of Art from local students K-12. Great job team!

We also asked local artist and author Dallas Graham to join SPARK to create a large-scale installation centerpiece. He did not disappoint! Don’t miss your opportunity to step inside the egg installation titled “IT is possible”.


teamThe Team!

Our exhibit team thoroughly enjoys creating experiences like this that ignite creativity. Our mission is to get you working with your hands, to get you thinking in new ways, to get you to ask questions, invent, make, collaborate, observe and share your ideas. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to do all of these things on a daily basis and we want to thank you all for such positive feedback. All of our efforts are for you.

Not all of us made it in the picture, but this is the exhibit team eating dinner in SPARK during construction. We’re family whether we like it or not 🙂


The Leonardo’s mission

We live in a rapidly-changing, highly connected world that asks each citizen to be more curious, more informed and more engaged. The Leonardo seeks to reflect and respond to this new world by creating an innovative, dynamic space that builds fluency and knowledge, ignites the creative imagination of visitors of all ages, and inspires them to see and act in new and powerful ways.