Dining in the Dark

This past month we opened a new original exhibit entitled Perception: The Illusion of Reality. This exhibit focuses on the senses of sight, touch and sound and how the mind manipulates sensory data to shape your view of the world. The senses of taste and touch weren’t included in the exhibit; that really seemed to hit a nerve. So we changed it. We created an event called Dining in the Dark. This event focused on your senses of touch and taste—which ultimately means FOOD!

This is the first time The Leonardo put on an event like this, and we were really nervous how guests would respond. To our delight, everyone LOVED the event. For some reason, being blindfolded and not seeing what you were eating was actually fun.

This event SOLD OUT! We served a six course meal paired with wine. Each course was constructed in a different and unique way. This really confused some of our guests’ senses—which is what we wanted. The following courses were served at the event.

Dining 3Dining2First course
Pumpkin soup with crème fraiche

Second Course
Caesar salad skewer

Third Course
Pineapple Pomegranate ceviche with shrimp chips

Fourth Course
Adobo chicken with glazed carrots and sticky rice

Fifth Course
Black bean Ravioli with roasted red pepper sauce

Sixth Course
Chai creme brûlée with fig


Our new Executive Chef, Wendall White threw so many flavors together that one would never have thought would work. For example, the sixth course had sriracha in the crème brûlée. MIND BLOWN! He also constructed a Caesar Salad on a skewer—who would have thought of that? His creativity with flavor and presentation really took this event to the next level.

Visitors that missed the event have already asked if we plan to do it again. This was such an amazing dining experience that we really are considering it. Just when… stay tuned!

In the meantime, stay connected with our food programming and try Libations @ The Leo. This is a monthly wine and beer pairing that takes place twice a month. To learn more CLICK HERE.