Sweet Stuff

Thanks to all of you who participated in my Spring camper’s sweetener experiment! Emmie, Jasmina, and Hunter had an awesome time being real scientists: designing and executing a method to help them answer a question- Which sweetener is sweetest?

[dt_sc_hr_invisible_small]They asked 14 of you to taste samples of four different sweeteners then rank them from least to most sweet:

1. Sugar

2. Splenda

3. Stevia

4. Sweet & Low

[dt_sc_hr_invisible_small]Here are the results of their study!

Most of you ranked sugar as the least sweet followed by sweet & low, splenda, and finally stevia- the most sweet.

The average scores you gave to each sweetener (1 being least sweet, 4 most sweet) were:

1. Sugar: 1.57

2. Sweet & Low: 2.21

3. Splenda: 2.93

4. Stevia: 3.36


Thanks again for your participation! The kids LOVED it!!!!