Press Release: The Leonardo Launches Alien Worlds and Androids

New exhibit with content from JPL and NASA asks the question, “are we alone?”

JANUARY 27, 2017 (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) – It’s an age-old question. Are we alone in the universe? For centuries, scientists, explorers and others curious about the universe have looked to the skies for answers to what might be out there.

In Alien Worlds and Androids, the new exhibit at The Leonardo which opens on Saturday, January 28th, scientists from Jet Propulsion Labs and NASA explore outer space, under the sea and even our own bodies, using the tools of science and technology to prove that there is in fact, alien life all around us. Better still, they utilize science fiction and Hollywood as inspirations to seek out and discover the next frontier of alien life.

“The Leonardo is committed to helping families and schools across Utah have experiences that are not only fun, but offer unique and interesting educational opportunities,” said Alexandra Hesse, Executive Director of The Leonardo. “Alien Worlds and Androids is the perfect exhibit to marry those two ideals. It has a wealth of content from some of NASA’s most respected and cutting-edge scientists, but it also has a life-size Iron Man replica. And who doesn’t love Iron Man? Truly, this is an exhibit that we hope will appeal to everyone.”

Alien Worlds and Androids has nine themed environments including displays on interstellar travel, cyborgs, modern robotics, and even the human microbiome. In addition, the exhibit contains full-size replicas of Tony Stark’s Iron Man Suit, C-3PO and R2-D2 from Star Wars and aliens and robots from the Terminator and Alien movies. It’s an experience that will leave you looking to the stars and beyond.


Located in the heart of Salt Lake City, The Leonardo is a one-of-a-kind museum that blends art, science and technology into a cohesive whole. By asking visitors to think like the great artist and engineer, Leonardo Da Vinci, the mission of the museum is to help learners of all ages make connections between disparate disciplines, and see the world from an entirely new perspective. For more information, visit www.theleonardo.org.