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Daily Herald – Their Voice: Vivint and The Leonardo Partner for New Experiences

02 November 2019: Daily Herald – “Their Voice: Vivint and The Leonardo partner for new experiences”

SALT LAKE CITY — This is not the first time I have mentioned Vivint Smart Home or Vivint Gives Back in this column.This is due to the fact that they continually find innovative and clever ways to find ways to ensure that people with special needs are not forgotten in the community.

They understand first and foremost that the ultimate goal of community inclusion means that by making, sometimes very simple, accommodations, a very large segment of the disability population can enjoy the same types of events and activities as their peers. However, there is also a segment that struggles with sensory sensitivities that, when triggered, can lead to distractions for those around them. These are the individuals with families who hesitate to attend events and activities in fear of such distractions.

It is for those individuals and families that Vivint continues to step up and partner with other community members and businesses to find ways to offer these amazing opportunities in a way that will alleviate many of the high level sensory issues that would otherwise turn a fun trip out into an unmanageable and stressful experience.

One recent community partner is The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City. For some time now, The Leonardo has been an amazing addition to our community by bringing some of the best events to the area. Now, they have partnered with Vivint Smart Home and created Sensory-Friendly Mondays.

“The Leonardo and Vivint Smart Home have partnered to offer a more accessible museum experience for individuals of all abilities and their families on the first Monday of each month. Sensory-Friendly Mondays at the museum will incorporate specialized programming and curriculum developed for visitors with sensory processing sensitivities and other neurodevelopmental disabilities in the everyday visitor experience,” read a statement on the museum’s website. Visit https://theleonardo.org/sensory-friendly-monday to make a reservation at The Leonardo.

I applaud, once again, Vivint and their staff who continue to make life better and more interesting for people with varying disabilities. I also applaud The Leonardo for realizing that the wonderful programs they offer have an even greater potential audience in this population. I also encourage families, caregivers and educators who work with people with disabilities to find ways to take advantage of this gift. By doing so, you send the message to The Leonardo and others in our community that this is appreciated and needed.

Monica Villar Their Voice