Build Your Own Kid-Friendly Spook Alley

October 31st is one of the most fun nights of the year. I personally don’t understand the reasons why we love to be scared out of our minds! Maybe it’s the lack of control.  Maybe it’s the not knowing what is about to happen.  This year I’m taking back the control.  I’ll be the talk of the town as I host a spook alley made right in my garage!

The first thing to do before building a spook alley is to determine the age group of those coming.  If your audience is mostly children, keep things on the fun and playful side.  You know, crushed Oreos and gummy worms as well as dry ice drinks.  If your audience are teenagers, feel free to ramp up the frights.

The next step is to create the layout or path you want visitors to follow. Are you going to have three to four themed rooms? Do you want your visitors to feel turned around once inside?  Deciding the layout is critical.

After the layout comes the scary and creepy décor.  In each room what are the visuals, decorations, personnel, props and sounds going to be?  This is the meat of creating a successful spook alley.  Be sure to have the sights and sounds of your spook alley be stimulating and feel realistic.

The fear and surprise you plan to instill in your visitors is how you take control back over Halloween.  When all the work is done, remember to have an exciting time.  There is only one word of caution that Ill tell you.  There is a high chance that your spook alley will be successful.  This means it could turn into a Halloween tradition.  If you’re not willing to take this risk, hold off on creating your own spook alley!

The work of developing your spook alley is fun, however most of the excitement should occur when you hear the screams and giggles of all who dare enter your spook alley.

I found this video and it perfectly illustrates the ease as well as the fun it can be to create your own haunted garage.