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Sharing our stories.

Special exhibits are the perfect fusion of STEAM, and now we’re taking the time to dig deeper. Leo Originals are a continuation of our Pompeii Lecture Series, featurettes of our Library Square history, and a look at our galleries and collections from the past to present. We’ll also look back on our museum’s story, sharing the multi-faceted highlights that made our building a place for creativity and innovation. Get behind-the-scenes and more in this growing gallery of Leo Originals.

Leo Original Premiere

Pompeii Lecture: To Live and Die in Pompeii by USU Professor Alvaro Ibarra Ph.D.

Premieres Thursday, June 4th at 6:00 PM here on Leo Originals and on our Youtube channel.

Stories of Creativity and Innovation

Can Being Poor Change Your Biology?
Living in poverty is a major setback on many different levels; everything from socioeconomic advantage to physical health is well understood to be impacted by its grasp. New research is now suggesting that various physical manifestations of poverty - high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes - may have a deeper biological explanation.