The Leo At Home Overview

The Leonardo isn’t just a place to visit. We’re an educational hub that encourages visitors to keep learning wherever they are. Leo at Home provides resources and educational materials for students, teachers, parents, and our community to help keeping Utah engaging with science, technology, engineering, arts, and math beyond the walls of our museum.

The Leonardo’s mission is to fuse science, technology, and art through experiences that spark curiosity and drive innovation in all ages.

Please help us to keep bringing you accessible, educational content wherever you are.

The Leo at Home Highlights

Community Classroom

A portal for families and teachers

The internet allows us to stay connected and inspire students wherever they are. The Community Classroom is a permanent resource that will supply parents, teachers, and students with resources and lesson plans including videos, printable projects, educational livestreams, and more — all accessible from home.

Leo Originals

Sharing our stories

Special exhibits are the perfect fusion of STEAM, and now we’re taking the time to dig deeper. Leo Originals are a continuation of our Pompeii Lecture Series, featurettes of our Library Square history, and a look at our galleries and collections from the past to present. Get behind-the-scenes and more in this growing gallery of Leo Originals.

Create + Connect

An escape for the creative in all of us.

Create + Connect is a space for art to ease the daily stress of living in a pandemic. Find featured content such as art, entertainment, DIY, and other projects with a call to build community through social media prompts. We’re ready to learn, make and create together.

At Home STEAM Resources

Below you’ll find additional resources to help fire your curiosity:


Our Picks!:

  • Science Kids At home science experiments for 1st-8th grade students
  • Optical Illusions – Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Learn about optical illusions here!

More science resources:


Our Picks!:

  • Skyfi Labs – Robotics projects for school kids
  • – Learn coding skills at any age

More tech resources:


Our Picks!:

More engineering resources:


Our Picks!:

More art resources:


Our Picks!:

More math resources:


Visit our YouTube page for a list of STEAM projects and experiments!

The Leonardo Blog

In case you missed it, here’s what we’ve been up to! Stay tuned for more STEAM resources, stories, DIYs, and more.