Jackie Chan: Green Hero

This exhibit is no longer on display.

Green Hero Exhibition Overview

The Leonardo Museum is partnering with filmmaker and actor Jackie Chan and his creative team on the creation of a new exhibit that promotes sustainability and environmental awareness globally. During the making of his dozens of movies, Jackie Chan was struck by the enormous waste created on the sets of his films, and in an effort to make positive change, he began commissioning artist to repurpose the materials into a series of incredible and imaginative sculptures. We are excited to host this one of a kind collection alongside the story of how this film superstar transformed into a Green Hero who wants all of us to be Green Heroes too!

Jackie Chan: Green Hero Exhibit Highlights

Jackie Chan: Green Hero

Martial artist, actor and director Jackie Chan is a globally recognized icon. His use of everyday objects as weapons combined with comedy and big stunts are the epitome of his films. Jackie Chan is notorious for performing nearly all of his own stunts, the results have been some of the best action scenes in cinema and of course a very long list of broken bones. Over the course of his career, Chan saw that the enormous waste generated by the film industry was a serious problem. Learn about Jackie Chan’s life and what led to his transition into the Green Hero he is today.

Sculpture Gallery

The film industry creates tons of waste. Blockbuster budgets enable filmmakers to demolish whole buildings, create elaborate temporary sets, and feed their cast and crew with bottled drinks and catering. Jackie Chan decided to make a change, he began collecting waste from his sets and commissioned artists to reuse and redesign the materials into works of fine art. The gallery features sculptures inspired by Chinese culture, art history and the Green Hero, Jackie Chan.

Exhibit Theater

Catch a screening of “Jackie Chan’s Green Heroes” a National Geographic documentary. Jackie Chan joined forces with innovator and National Geographic Explorer, Arthur Huang to invest in the world’s first fully mobile plastics recycling machine – The Trashpresso. They’re on a mission to test it in one of the harshest environments in the world – the Tibetan Plateau. It will push the Trashpresso and its inventors to breaking point. See how they overcome the challenges in this rural community.

Green Hero

Jackie Chan is showing the world that environmental change can be more than sustainable habits, it can be a part of your passion.

The Leonardo da Vinci Connection

Jackie Chan is, in many senses of the word, a modern day Leonardo da Vinci. A skilled actor, filmmaker, martial artist and storyteller, he has blurred boundaries to make groundbreaking art and leveraged his international superstardom to make impact on the world. He is passionate about protecting our planet and natural resources, and realizes that it’ll take minds from all over the world, in all disciplines coming together to make real impact. The sculptures of the Green Hero harnesses the creativity of some of China’s most interesting artists and Jackie Chan’s enthusiasm for finding innovative solutions to reducing and reusing waste to inspire others to think about how they too can be a Green Hero and protect our planet.

This exhibit is no longer on display.

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