Do you like to tinker with household items? Ever dreamt of designing a rollercoaster? Maybe you never lost the childhood joy in simply building something. Leonardo’s Workshop is a place where these curiosities can realize themselves with expertly curated engineering and construction activities. Assemble a complicated system on the marble wall! Learn every part of the modern bicycle. Or participate in daily activities with our in-house engineer, Bruce Kizerian, who works on the floor alongside the visitors.

Leonardo’s Workshop Stations

Marble Wall

Explore the laws of physics as you build a path for a marble to run through. Challenge your abilities to plan momentum for a long track or attempt to complete an undulating roller coaster. Visitors of all ages can get creative with this classic interactive engineering wall.

Tinker Table

What can you build with wheels, screws, washers, panels and rope? The possibilities are unlimited! Tinker around with tools and materials to spark your ingenuity. Explore more functionality by combining simple machines, you can refer to the table top chart or view the bike wall for ideas.

LEGO Tables

Our favorite building bricks are ready to create machines or whole cities. You’ll find thousands of LEGO bricks and pieces at these tables, the possibilities are endless! Let your creativity take over and engineer everything from houses to rockets or build machines of the future.

String Math

Experiment with a web of string to create geometric shapes. What polygons can you create? Are there patterns that you can repeat? Follow the instructions on each side to learn how to create complex shapes such as a double parabola and more.

Simple Machines

It was scientist Galileo who theorized a machine was simply a device for transforming one kind of energy into another. Simple machines combined create a complex system for transforming that energy. Take a look at our bike wall to see what simple machines are used in its design. Refer to the list of simple machines there as you continue to tinker throughout the make space.

Young Inventors

The youngest visitors to the museum can start their engineering explorations early at Leonardo’s Workshop. This young inventors zone is a space for building with big soft bricks and buckets of tubes and connectors. Construct on a large scale or explore with pixels using a table top of colorful blocks.

This make space is included with general admission

Leonardo’s Workshop Schedule of Events

Make and Take

One of our dedicated floor facilitators will walk you through the process of an engineering project. The best part is you will get to take it with you when you leave. Make-n-Takes are included with admission, supplies are limited, first-come-first serve.

Tech Take-Apart

This program gives you permission to open up all sorts of tech and appliances just to see how they work. Get your safety goggles on and grab some tools, our Resident Engineer is ready to guide you through this activity!

The Leonardo da Vinci Connection

Leonardo da Vinci meticulously observed the way things work. He studied animals, humans and machines; he wanted to better understand the worlds complexities and deconstruct their inner functions. Through his own tinkering with machinery, Leonardo da Vinci may have actually designed the world’s first robot. His self-propelled cart was powered by coils, it could brake and it could steer itself! The cart was capable of autonomously driving forward and it could be programmed with pre-set angles.

This make space is included with admission
This make space is free for members