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 The best immersive experience in Salt Lake City is only at The Leonardo!

immersive van gogh

Van Gogh

Join us for the new immersive Van Gogh experience.

The Leonardo brings a new Immersive Van Gogh experience to Salt Lake City, UT.  See over 300 beautiful works for a beautiful digital art experience. This internationally acclaimed exhibit is one of a kind as it takes the audience well beyond the paintings  and into the artist’s own thoughts and feelings.

immersive van gogh

From Monet to Kandinsky

An immersive experience with 10 remarkable artists!

An exciting exhibit featuring the works of several artistic masters that lived during the industrial revolution. Artists include Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Edvard Munch, and Wassily Kandinsky.

Please note, exhibit may include art that contains nudity.
immersive van gogh


Great masterpieces in a new immersive experience.

An exciting exhibit features four of history’s greatest artists from the Italian Renaissance. They are known for creating some of the world’s eternal masterpieces, and include our namesake, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and more.

Please note, exhibit may include art that contains nudity.

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Click on the exhibit title and time you wish to purchase tickets for in the calendar below. You can adjust your view by clicking on “month,” “week,” or “day” then selecting on the time you wish to purchase tickets for.  You can also search specific exhibit titles by checking or unchecking the titles in the colored boxes below. 

Mask Policy

Masks  are optional at The Leonardo except for on Wednesday from 12-3pm during which time they will be required for all members, guests, and staff.  We invite high-risk individuals and families to schedule their visit on Wednesday from 12-3 during the time masks are required.

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209 E 500 S,
Salt Lake City, UT

Wednesday – Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday – Sunday: 12pm – 7pm
Final entry 1-hour before close


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Ticket Details


Each ticket includes full access to The Leonardo’s exhibits + this one-of-a-kind immersive exhibit that brings art to life. Plus, you’ll have access to exciting art, craft, and science activities featured each day at The Leonardo!

Nearly 40 wall and floor projections.
10,000 Sq. Ft. Gallery (plenty of room for socially distanced seating!)

The Experience


~ “If you have not been, you should!! Sooo worth it! It was an amazing experience!! “ 

~ “It was put together so well and such a cool way to see art!” 

~ “I went 3 times. It was fabulous! Therapeutic actually.” 

~ “Nice peaceful environment. Helpful and Knowledgable employees.”

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Immersive Experience FAQ

As of Sunday, January 3, The Leonardo will begin playing multiple exhibits title per day (similar to a movie theater); for this reason, we advise arriving at least 5-10 minutes earlier than your scheduled ticket time and then heading directly to the exhibit space on the second floor. You may also visit other exhibit areas before your scheduled time if you choose to arrive earlier. Your exhibit will begin playing approximately five minutes after the scheduled time on your ticket. If you are late for this exhibit time, you may miss a portion of the exhibit. After the exhibit has finished, you will be able to enjoy the remaining exhibits at your leisure.

  • To experience the full From Monet to Kandinsky showing, guests should plan on spending approximately 40 minutes in the exhibit. 
  • To experience the full Italian Renaissance showing, guests should plan on spending approximately 30 minutes in the exhibit. 
  • To experience the full Van Gogh 360° showing, guest should plan on spending approximately 1 hours in the exhibit.
  • To enjoy other museum exhibits and programs, guests should plan to spend approximately 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Seating is available, however it may be limited. Not every guest is guaranteed a space to be seated. Please let a staff member know if you need assistance finding seating. 

Refunds and Rescheduling 

  • Online ticket sale refunds can only be offered if the guest cannot attend the event, and requests the refund no later than 72 hours before the time of the event. Tickets can also be rescheduled if the request is made no later than 72 hours prior to the event date. However, ticket availability for alternate dates is not guaranteed and is subject to a first come, first serve basis. All refund and rescheduling requests must be submitted in writing no later than 72 hours prior to the event date/time. Submit a request to The Leonardo here
  • Tickets will not be replaced or refunded if stolen, or unused. Lost tickets can be reprinted once if unused and with an order number, confirmation email or photo ID of the original purchaser.  


  • In the event of a showing cancelation all ticket purchases will be refunded. 


  • All Art through Experience merchandise sales are final. Other non-exhibit merchandise items purchased from the Leo Store, can be returned with a valid sales receipt within 30 day of purchase for refund, exchange, or store credit. Discontinued items cannot be returned for a refund but may receive in-store credit.
  • Masks  are optional at The Leonardo except for on Wednesday from 12-3pm during which time they will be required for all members, guests, and staff.
  • We invite high-risk individuals and families to schedule their visit on Wednesday from 12-3 during the time masks are required. 
  • Please do not visit The Leonardo if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of illness.  A staff member will be able to assist you with rescheduling your show for a future date, if necessary. 
  • Please maintain a physical distance of six feet between yourself and other visitors and/or between household groups.
  • The Leonardo has a spacious facility that allows guests to spread out.
  • The Leonardo facility is well ventilated with regularly replaced filters across three floors. 
  • The Leonardo has reduced its hourly capacity and ticket sales to ensure adequate space for social distancing. 

This incredible immersive Van Gogh experience is an exhibition that is part of series featuring multiple shows. Although Vincent van Gogh is one of the artists featured in this series, the full roster of shows includes titles featuring a variety of artists and art movements, ranging from Vincent van Gogh to our namesake Leonardo da Vinci.

When you purchase a ticket at The Leonardo you are also reinvesting in your community. Not only do you have access to the immersive Van Gogh experience, but you will be supporting The Leonardo’s in providing other exciting, interesting content to the community. The Leonardo is a local non-profit that professionally curates content in order to provide high-quality education that fuses science, technology and art in experiences that inspire creativity and innovation in people of all ages and backgrounds.

Though not all the shows have been announced, we highly recommend seeing each and every one of them. The shows currently playing including the immersive Van Gogh experience, titled Van Gogh 360°, an immersive show featuring 10 revolutionary artists, titled From Monet to Kandinsky and an immersive experience featuring great historical masterpieces, titled Italian Renaissance. To receive a notification when a new show is announced, sign up here.