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ALIVE! Exhibit Overview

ALIVE! is an exhibit dedicated to the human experience. Learn about the science and systems of the body and how they connect to human feelings, thoughts and actions. Come explore your individual and collective potential, and discover innovative technologies that are transforming life as we know it.

ALIVE! Exhibit Highlights

What are the odds?

An immersive entry experience that demonstrates the extraordinary odds of a single human coming into being, setting the tone of wonder, amazement and appreciation for our lives.

The Amazing Brain

Learn about your brain’s incredible potential, as well as new breakthroughs in imaging and research. Trick your senses in an “Illusion Room” that uses clever visuals to make parts of the room disappear.

Reflexes & Your Abilities

Test your heart rate, how far you can jump, and what animal your performance matches.

The Heart

Delve into the poetry and mechanics of this most enigmatic and powerful organ. Learn about local innovations ranging from the Jarvik Heart to medical devices manufactured and designed by Utah companies such as Merit Medical.

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The Leonardo da Vinci Connection

In order to understand the world, Leonardo da Vinci looked, wondered and tested everything around him — and in this sense he discovered different ways of living. ALIVE is where we invite you to discover these different ways. Whether the experience is found in moving your body, learning about the processes of life or capturing the beauty of the human form, there is something here for you.

Leonardo da Vinci was fascinated by every aspect of the human body and the life it leads. How does the body work? How is it built? How did the body come to be? How does it grow? What does it really look like? How does it move? What makes the human body beautiful? For Leonardo, the human body was nature’s true work of art, and he believed that understanding all of its parts and abilities would reveal what it means to be alive.

This exhibit is included with admission
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