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British Call Box

British Call Box Overview

At first glance, the British Call Box, affectionately referred to as the TARDIS II, looks like a wibbly-wobbly, artsy-wartsy ball of stuff, but actually, from a non-linear, non-objective viewpoint, it’s more like a celebration of the architecture of thought. Look closely and you’ll see that a large portion of the artistic spectrum is represented in our Cabinet of Curiosity. With generous support from the Utah Arts Council, 20 outstanding local artists (photographers, dancers, musicians, painters, architects, printmakers and filmmakers) created pieces to represent their fields in 7 x 15 inch window panels of the Call Box.

The Smallest Multiplex in the World

Housing an art museum, a cinema and a gallery, The Call Box, places what is “in”side the mind on the outside—and uses a wide variety of mediums to do so. Feel free to stand back and admire the eclectic outer walls or place your whole head inside to listen to the speakers while the movie is playing to transform the Call Box into an experience rather than a static installation.

The Leonardo da Vinci Connection

The call box emulates an interdisciplinary depth, much like the works of Leonardo da Vinci, it draws from the intersections of art, tech and science for an eclectic experience. Da Vinci’s codices are certainly an eclectic collection and a most valuable representation of the inner workings of a genius. The Call Box may prompt you to find your inner genius and apply your own eclectic style to the hands-on activities in all our make-spaces.

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