Birthday Parties

You bring the kids. We’ll bring the fun!

The Leonardo Museum is one of the best birthday party places in Utah – we’re built for kids to explore and have fun. Your little partiers will have the time of their lives making their own artistic masterpiece, or maybe getting a little messy with some ooey-gooey slime. With a birthday party place like The Leonardo, it’s easy for everyone attending to find their inner genius.
Basic Birthday Bash

$225 Monday – Thursday | $250 Friday – Sunday

Price varies based on number of children and adults (one adult required per every 10 children) and includes:

  • 20 General Admission All Day passes to all exhibits in The Leonardo
  • Up to 2 hours in The Curiosity Corner, our designated birthday party space
  • Tables, linens and chairs
  • Scavenger Hunt sheets upon request
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Add-On Party Activites

$315 Monday – Thursday | $330 Friday – Sunday

Choose from one of the activities below! Party includes Basic Birthday Bash plus help from a Science Experiment Mentor. Each activity includes enough materials for 20 guests. There is an additional fee of $2.00 per extra person for extra materials.

Learn to Make Slime

The party heads up to Leonardo’s Laboratory where we will provide all the materials and instruction to make your own slime. Prepare to get gooey!

D.I.Y. Lava Lamp

Head up to Leo’s Lab where you will be able to watch science come to life as you and your guests create a one-of-a-kind lava lamp.

$335 Monday – Thursday | $350 Friday – Sunday

Choose from one of the activities below! Party includes Basic Birthday Bash plus help from an Art Activity Mentor. Each activity includes enough materials for 20 guests. There is an additional fee (noted below) per extra person for extra materials.

Group Canvas Painting

We’ll provide a large canvas for the party guests to paint and collage on as well as four paint colors. After the party the birthday child gets to keep the art!

Paint Your Own Wooden Box

Personalize and take home your own wooden box. Each additional guest is $3.00.

Finger Painting

Great for younger crowds! Each additional guest is $2.00.

Seasonal Take Home Craft

We will provide your party guests with a seasonal craft to make and take home! Ask your Event Coordinator for more details when booking.

$295 Monday – Thursday | $315 Friday – Sunday

Includes Basic Birthday Bash plus one of the following themed activities. If there are 21 or more children attending, there is an additional $30 staff fee as as well as an additional fee per extra person (noted below) for extra facilitation and materials.


Come to the museum dressed up as your favorite super hero! We will provide materials to make your own Super Hero Comics. We will then test your super hero powers with our Super Hero Balloon Races. Each additional guest is $2.00.


What better place to have a flight themed party than a museum that has two airplanes right inside? We offer two fun activities: a Luggage Claim Hunt and Prepare to Land with paper airplanes. Ask about Airplane Table Toppers to give your party a soaring look! Each additional guest is $1.00.


If you still want to get the princess feel while having your party at The Leonardo we offer that too! You will have the opportunity to create and decorate your own crown as well as making your own necklace, bracelet or wand! Each additional guest is $2.00.

Other Add-Ons

16″ Pizza

Cheese | $20.00

Pepperoni | $22.00

Hawaiian | $23.00

Supreme | $25.00

Boxed Lunches

Each boxed lunch is served with chips and one cookie.

Turkey and Cheese Sandwich | $7.95

Ham and Cheese Sandwich | $7.95

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich | $6.95

Hot Meals

Chicken Tenders and Fries | $8.95

Hot Dog and Chips | $7.95

Sides and Snacks

Seasonal Fruit Cup | $3.50

Chips | $1.00

Fries | $3.00

Cookies | $2.00

Popcorn Cups (8.0z.) | $1.00

Seasonal Vegetable Tray (serves 10) | $25.00


Water Dispenser | Complimentary

Punch/Lemonade Carafe (serves 25) | $25.00

Milk Cartons | $2.00

Soda | $2.00

*Note: Cake, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, or ice cream are the only permitter outside foods. All other food items must be ordered through Catering at The Leonardo. Catering orders have a 10-person minimum per menu item.

Colored Linens

Red, Burgundy, Orange, Gold, Light Pink, Red Gingham, Green, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, or Gray | $20

Goody Bags

$6.99 Each

  • Leonardo-themed bag
  • 6″ Miniature Airplane
  • Science Slime
  • Miniature Puzzle
  • Tootsie Roll Pieces
  • Children’s Bounceback Ticket for a future date
Leonardo E-Invite

Custom for your party | $10


Latex Balloons | $1.50 each

Happy Birthday Foil Balloons | $4.99 each

Bouquet of Balloons (11 latex, 1 foil) | $15.00

Balloon Centerpieces (5 latex plus balloon weight) | $5.50

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