Computer Lab

Computer Lab Overview

The Computer Lab at The Leonardo offers a variety of technical programs designed to introduce visitors to the concepts of coding, computer animation, robotics, and more. Space and materials are limited and offered on a first come first served basis.

Computer Lab Schedule

LEGO Robotics

Discover how computer science and engineering fuse through building and programming LEGO Mindstorms.

Hour of Code

Practice computer science fundamentals with our Sphero Robotics activities. Program a maze or participate in a battle bot joust with our cardboard chassis challenge.

There are no upcoming LEGO Robotics or Hour of Code activities scheduled. Check back often for updates or follow us on social media for all the latest announcements.

The Leonardo da Vinci Connection

While technology was not a part of Leonardo da Vinci’s daily life he certainly practiced computational thinking. Da Vinci’s codex’s were demonstrations of this thought process. He solved problems by decomposing complex machines or organisms and documented patters of nature. Da Vinci abstracted principles to guide his inventions that were stripped of any superfluous design yet still maintained his artistic touch. His computational thinking enabled him to conceive the first calculator and make improvements to the design of clocks. Today modern technology pioneers look to emulate his curiosity and creativity as they pursue innovation in the tech industry.

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